Who are we?

Introductions to some CultureNet students and faculty.

Ian Sorley Cook

Ian Sorley Cook (CNET Year 2) is a multi-talented musician, filmmaker, and Capilano University student.  His professional experience includes work on television productions for such media outlets as CTV, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic, as well as media  strategy and implementation for various corporations and non-profit  organizations.  His music has been featured on MTV television shows such as “Pimp My Ride” and “The Real World”, and in March of 2007, was on a compilation that debuted in the American Billboard Top 200 Albums.  Nevertheless in his adult life, he endlessly strives to achieve the perfect balance between hopelessness and ambivalence.

Megan Finnerty

Megan Finnerty

Megan Finnerty (CNET Year 2) is from Kelowna, BC, and moved down to the lower mainland almost 5 years ago to pursue her education. Her love of visual arts started her down a path in graphic design at BCIT. After two years of technical studies, her desire for broader knowledge brought her to Capilano University, where she is currently enrolled in the CultureNet program. She is a student by day, bartender by night, and a contract graphic designer somewhere in between! A good time for Megan usually involves cheesy movies, great food, and engaging conversation.

Salome Fornier-Hanlon

Salome Fornier-Hanlon

Salomé Fornier-Hanlon (CNET Year 2): My name is Salomé Fornier-Hanlon. I was born on Valentine’s Day 1989 and am proud to have been able to sport neon and parachute pants for the first 9.5 months of my existence without being ostracized. I come from a multi-cultural and multi-cultured family (my mother is from France, and my father has created a very musical family). I regard myself as an open, empathetic person, and I love learning about other people’s lives, cultures and opinions on different aspects of the world we live in. I adore art (visual, musical, and culinary), and enjoy smiling at random people on the street, because smiles are contagious. And let it be known that Les Trois Mousquetaires is the best book I have ever read.

Brian Ganter

Brian Ganter – CNET Faculty: Teaches literature, media, and critical theory in the English Department and the CultureNet program at Capilano University.

Aurelea Mahood

Aurelea Mahood

Aurelea Mahood – CNET Faculty:  Convenes CultureNet – an Associate of Arts in Culture + Technology – and coordinates the Department of English. Her teaching and research interests include all things modernist, graphic, and electronic. When not surrounded by piles of magazines, books and coffee cups, Aurelea can be found on the local trails.

Jordan Mowat

Jordan Mowat

Jordan Mowat (CNET Year 2) has been a writer for 15 years and intends to continue, though he enjoys using any medium to amuse, confuse, or challenge people, not just words. His favourite weather is the fog.

Roger Farr

Roger Farr joined the English Dept. in 2001, and currently teaches in both the Creative Writing and CNET Programs. His  poetry, essays, micro fiction, and works for radio have been published widely. If he’s not writing, teaching, or editing, he might be chopping wood, changing diapers, cooking, gardening, or meandering in the forest.


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