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How do you like your Nikes?

Personally, I prefer Brian Jungen . . .

The culture – or cult – of running has been infiltrated by the relentless force of technological innovation for well over a quarter century. And Nike is of course synomous with the game of innovate and sell. This has culminated in the recent opening of North America’s first Nike Runner’s Lounge down in Coal Harbour. The lounge is all about selling the idea of you, your runners, and your iPod skimming along the edges of the city of glass. Are you intrigued yet?

Well – then – Tuesdays are the night for you to head down for their “rock and run” club where you can trade Nike+ training tips and compare favourite power songs with other gearheads.

Or you can simply revel in what Vancouver-based artist Brian Jungen did with now iconic Air Jordans in his “Prototypes for New Understanding” series while wearing your Blackspot sneakers . . .

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Networking over "Networks and Artists"

Before the Internet: Networks and Artists
A new show at The Western Front

February 3 – April 10, 2007 Opening: February 2, 2007 8pm

“Before the Internet: Networks and Artists” takes artist network projects prior to the development of the internet as its starting point. The exhibition includes objects, ephemera, and documenation relating to early networked art such as manifestos, correspondence art, Slowscan images, fax transmission, music exchanges, collaborative publications, and documentation for community TV, video and radio projects.

The Western Front is located at 303 East 8th Avenue in Vancouver BC.

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