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E-Lit Journey

By Joseph Gunulfsen

Electronic Literature is a new and unique way of experiencing literature, and in many of the pieces the viewer is forced to interact with what the artist has offered. Some of the pieces may seem absolutely foolish to some, while others are able to gain or acknowledge a greater significance. There is also a level of manipulation on the author’s part to the viewer in some of the pieces offered in the ELC or in other e-lit collections such as Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents. Certain pieces like “Dakota” require that the reader actually views the piece until there has been some sort of understanding, due to the speed at which the words slam onto the screen before disappearing. It may take someone four or even views before he or she is able to truly feel that an understanding of the story has been obtained. In a piece such as “Wotclock”, technically one could stare at the slowly rotating camera all day and night. I personally would have no interest in doing so. The point however is that in many of the e-lit pieces, many of the literary rules by which we have played since childhood must be set aside. Continue reading

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Shelf Space for the Artist

By Chris Wilcox

Electronic literature (e-lit) seems very hard to try and place on the collection rack of artistry. It’s new and it can be seen as dangerous as it challenges us to do what we’re not normally comfortable with. This makes it hard for e-lit to have a voice in the world because of the way in which people are required to interact with it.

So where does e-lit find room to fit in our lives and how does it have a future? Currently e-lit seems to be a very small form of art yet has influences from all over the digital media realm. It’s biggest challenge as something small and new, lies within the viewer. This is because when people are faced with the “new” and “different” it can be hard to understand and easy to become frustrated. This is how I feel e-lit has been for me and I believe that because its hard to accept the “unknown”, e-lit will have a difficult time finding it’s way in the world.
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“There’s Something Missing”

   By Innessa Roosen       


             John Cayley’s multifaceted electronic-poem has two aims: the visual art of translation – and the literal. Set against a classic, minimalist, black and white background, Cayley’s poem is in tune with an original musical composition by Giles Perring.  In a brilliant collection of thoughts on the closeness and distance between languages, this particularly suggestive work is suitably titled “Translation”. Behind the scenes of this work, and what is being viewed on the screen, are a complex set of algorithms fragmented into passages, revealing short blurbs on the process of translation. Continue reading

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