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CultureNet Friday Seminars


Free Geek: Helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning of the 3rd millennium.  Who are they? What do they do? And why do they do it?  Learn more about FreeGeek and their mandate at this Friday afternoon guest lecture.  Guest speaker: Ifny Lachance.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 | VCN Webteam + Community Access

What is the digital divide? Who are the local players determined to assist in overcoming it? Meet Julia Kozlov and Melissa L. Garcia of the Vancouver Community Network (VCN) Webteam describe the roles and goals of the Vancouver-based VCN WebTeam.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148

FRIDAY, MARCH 12 | Libraries in the 21st Century

What is the role of the public library in the digital age? Chris Koth, Supervisor – NonFiction/Electronic Services – North Vancouver City Library, and George Villavicencio, Capilano Systems Librarian, will be weighing in with his thoughts on this topic in mid-March.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148


An Undergraduate Journal

Production on Culture + Technology began in Fall 2009 with the students from CNET English 100.  The journal will include editorial commentaries + reviews and research articles by Capilano students.  The inaugural issue will be published in April 2010 complete with a launch party celebrating the work and accomplishments of the CNET English 100 students in getting this new journal up and running.  Come celebrate with us.  All are welcome.  Light refreshments served.

1pm | TBA

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Do we keep new secrets in the digital age? Or simply keep the old secrets using different tools? Could Web 2.0 and digital surveillance provide a frame for a wickedly sharp or perversely intense five minute play?

If secrets in any form and the opportunity to write a play under the tutelage of local playwright Tom Cone, which will be directed and performed by Capilano Theatre students, interests you keep on reading!

If checking out what last year’s student playwrights produced interests you, click through: Five Minute Plays


Twelve five minute plays | Three characters | The tension of secrets | The triangle

A Lecture by Tom Cone


Thursday, Dec 3rd
11:30 am
Capilano Performing Arts Theatre
2055 Purcell Way, N. Vancouver

The Creative Writing and Theatre Programs at Capilano University invite you to a special presentation by Vancouver playwright, librettist, lecturer and teacher Tom Cone. Tom will introduce some of the concepts and models that will inform this Spring’s Fourth Annual Five Minute Play Festival, which brings Creative Writing and Theatre students together to develop, under Cone’s guidance, a series of five-minute, three character plays.

Open to all.

*Students interested in participating in the project as writers must attend this lecture.*


About Tom Cone

Playwright, librettist, lecturer and teacher, impresario, curator and promoter of cultural hybrids, and nurturer of the avant-garde, Tom Cone is major force behind Vancouver’s experimental art, music and theatre scene. His many plays include True Mummy, Love at Last Sight, and Herringbone; adaptations of classic plays include Moliere’s The Miser and Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters; and his Librettos include The Architect for Vancouver Opera and The Gang for Vancouver New Music. Cone is also the founder of Songroom — a salon for new song collaborations–, and CABINET: Interdisciplinary Collaborations — an experimental arts collective. His latest play, Donald and Lenore, premieres this Spring as part of the 2010 Chutzpah! Festival.


For info:
Roger Farr, Creative Writing Convener
English Dept,
Capilano University

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English 214 Responds to Ezzat

It is Week 2 of the E-Lit Forum 2009.

This week’s guest blogger is Sharif Ezzat.  The students are seated in a large circle quietly talking about Sharif’s post.

All we need is a campfire: a campfire to catapult us into our Coastal Mountains – a northern extension of the rocky spine that runs up and down the Pacific Coast – and our night sky a few hundred kilometres north of the Sierra Nevadas and San Fransisco.

The discussion is gently moving between students as they work towards a constellation of questions for Sharif:

1.        What inspired you to select the specific stories that were in “Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky”?

2.       Why did you include the stories of land and water? They appear to have no explicit connection to family as do all of your other stories?

3.       Why did the individual stories not have their own audio narration like the introduction?

4.       Do you think working in collaboration with another creator/artist helps or hinders your ability to produce E-Lit?

5.       In your post you wrote, “As with most of my commercial projects, Like Stars uses xml-formatted data, decoupling the content and the interface which, among other things, allows the number of stories to grow and the content to be modified infinitely.”  Have you ever thought about re-releasing this piece and allowing access to the programming so that the viewers could become part of the stories content?

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Coming Attractions

CNET Friday Seminars and Beyond

FALL 2009

OCT 16 | RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Culture Always Builds On the Past: Did Muddy Waters build on the blues? And did Led Zeppelin build on Muddy Waters? Does Girl Talk need permission to build on all of it? Join CNET English 100 students in a Friday afternoon screening of Brett Gaylor’s provocative NFB documentary on copyright, creativity, and the future. A moderated discussion will follow. Light refreshments served. Running time: 1hr 26min.

1pm | Location TBA

OCT 20 – NOV 5 | E-LIT Fall Forum, 2nd edition

CNET English 214 students will be cozying up with the ELC1 (Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1) later this fall. They will also be taking a lead roll in the second edition of our electronic forum with digital writers from around the globe. Last year’s contributors included J.R. Carpenter, Donna Leishman, and Brian Kim Stefans.  This year we will be working with Megan Sapnar Ankerson, Sharif Ezzat, and Chris Joseph.  The E-LIT Forum will be hosted and archived on CultureNet @ CapilanoU.  For more information see or contact Aurelea Mahood: amahood@capilanou.ca


Join CNET English 100 students in a Friday afternoon excursion to the Contemporary Art Gallery for a guided tour of Paying Homage.  This CAG exhibit explores the relationships between artists and what it means to pay homage to the past.  This tour will build on many of ideas introduced in RIP and take them into a gallery setting.

1pm | 555 Nelson Street | RSVP: Aurelea Mahood, amahood@capilanou.ca


In preparation for the production of the CNET English 100 student e-journal, a team of local editors – including Jenny Penberthy and Tamara Lee from THE CAPILANO REVIEW – will be answering the question “what do editors do” at a Friday afternoon panel discussion.  All are welcome.  Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 237

NOV 20 | PKP + OJS, An Introduction

The CNET English 100 student e-journal will be produced using the Public Knowledge Project‘s open-source software named OJS (Open Journal System).  The PKP is jointly supported by scholars, librarians, programmers and developers associated with Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Stanford University, and Arizona State University.  Local PKP member James McGregor will be joining us for a Friday afternoon talk designed to bring the newly introduced up to speed on the world of PKP and OJS.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 237

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CNET INFO WEEK (March 23-27)

Come to the Shore.

Come to the Shore.

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Remix + Photobooth

We are very close to formally launching a new project in collaboration with the North Shore News. The REMIX project will necessitate the involved CNET and Creative Writing students and faculty introducing themselves with head shots and a few short sentences. In coming weeks, look forward to fabulous photobooth pictures and pithy companion sentences from Spring 2009 Remix participants.  The official launch date is expected to be in late January. Look for more information here!

Aurelea Mahood

Aurelea Mahood

Remixer #1: Aurelea Mahood is the current CultureNet Convenor and a member of English Department at CapilanoU. Along with students and faculty from CultureNet and Creative Writing, she is looking forward to finding and making unexpected textual + visual leaps from the NORTH SHORE NEWS and turning those discoveries into REMIX posts.

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CultureNet + Rainy Season

By Aurelea Mahood

Well – okay – there’s no rain (yet), but I am wearing sweaters again.  And as soon as I am wearing a sweater, I feel more entitled to make suggestions about activities that take people indoors.  That said, here are five upcoming activities involving CultureNet students and faculty.  Come join us inside.  For more information, conact culturenet@capilanou.ca.

 1. Thurs, Oct 2: CultureNet/Creative Writing Open Mic Night

 An evening of Open Mic readings + performance by Cap U students past and present and Special Guests Roger Farr, Kim Minkus, and Reg Johanson. The stage will be open to Cap U writers, faculty, alumni and their friends.

8pm / Thurs Oct. 2 / Hoko’s Restaurant / 362 Powell Street / Vancouver

2. Fri, Oct 10: Rosalind Nashashibi’s “Bachelor Machines”

Join the Year 1 CultureNet students on a guided tour of the Rosalind Nashashibi exhibit (1pm) on Friday, October 10th at North Vancouver’s Presentation House Gallery.  This exhibits looks at  technology, gender, and identity through the screening of Nashashibi’s film work.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Aurelea Mahood.

1pm / Fri Oct 10 / Presentation House Gallery / 333 Chesterfield Ave / North Vancouver

3. Tues, Oct 21: Capilano Film Series – “Persepolis”

“Persepolis” was already well-known as the two-volume autobiography of talented graphic novelist, illustrator and children’s book author Marjane Satrapi before its much-anticipated animated adaptation won the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.  A double-screening of this feature-length film + student work will be introduced by Aurelea Mahood (CultureNet/English) and followed by a Q/A session. See the Performing Arts Theatre for more information on tickets and directions. 

7pm / Tues Oct 21 / Capilano Performing Arts Theatre / Capilano University / North Vancouver

4. Fri, Oct 24: CultureNet/Film Centre Screening Project

The Year 1 and 2 CultureNet students will be screening a selection of Year 2 and 3 Film Centre student work in preparation for the November screening + panel event.  From 1-3pm in Birch 125, we will be screening and selecting works from 4-6 student filmmakers.  Their films will be screened at a Capilano Open House event on Wednesday, November 19th after which a panel discussion of the films will be led by the CultureNet students.  The panel will be made up of CultureNet and Film Centre students as well as an opportunity for a Q/A session.  If you are interested in the vetting process, join us Friday, October 24th.  For more information contact Aurelea Mahood.

1pm / Fri Oct 24 / Screening Project / Birch 125 / Capilano University / North Vancouver

5. Wed, Nov 19: CultureNet at the Capilano Open House

As a part of the Arts + Sciences Open House, CultureNet students will be reviewing a half dozen Capilano Film Centre student films and leading a panel discussion with the student filmmakers in attendance.  This is a great opportunity to see two programs in action and learn more about the educational opportunities at Capilano University. 

Check back in early Nov for more info on the times + room locations for this upcoming event.

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