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Event = announcements regarding upcoming events of interest to the CultureNet community and/or commentaries on events attended by CultureNet students/faculty.

Home Grown Participatory Culture

Julia Kozlov (VCN WebTeam) began her talk at last Friday’s CNET Seminar on January 29th with an overview of the wealth of opportunities for Vancouver-based students to communicate and connect –  physically and virtually – via various digital and social networking initiatives.  She argued that these many of these organizations complement the work of organizations like the Vancouver Community Network (VCN) and the VCN WebTeam in helping overcome the digital divide as well as encouraging the development of home-grown participatory culture.

If home-grown participation is your bag, then here are but two initiatives well worth checking out:

TrueNorth MediaHouse

True North Media House “is a media collaboration campaign to encourage social coverage of the winter sports and cultural events during 2010 in Vancouver, Canada while educating about rights (and having a good time). Organized by an ad-hoc group of volunteers, [they] intend to create a facility in which all manner of media-makers can collaborate to share stories surrounding the international events as well as the local community. By doing so, [they] hope to set a precedent for social coverage of future events.” Active and aspiring local content creators alike unite!

Northern Voice

Northern Voice is is a two-day, non-profit personal blogging and social media conference that is about to be held in Vancouver BC for the sixth.  Last year’s edition out at UBC was completely sold out, and there’s no reason to think that the 2010 incarnation of the event won’t be a great success.  The 2010 conference is in the planning stages.  The conference is perfect for active bloggers (including text bloggers, videobloggers, podcasters, and photobloggers and of course people on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) people interested in becoming bloggers, and anyone interested in learning more about personal publishing, social media, the read/write web and Web 2.0.  Watch this space for information about the 2010 conference or help out.

That wasn’t enough? A few more links then: CODE Canada and W2 Community Media Arts

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CNET Friday Seminars

Ifny Lachance

FREE GEEK | CultureNet Friday Seminar Series

5 February 2010 | Cedar 148 at 1pm | All welcome

An adventurer, educator and co-founder of Vancouver’s
FREE GEEK Community Technology Centre, a computer re-use and ethical
recycling non-profit. The FREE GEEK model lashes technology to integrity
and interdependence, promoting ethical computer recycling, community
empowerment, and sustainable software.

With roots in remote northern Canadian communities, Ifny has since been
active on the global stage in diverse capacities. In Japan, she taught
experimental music and public relations; in Iran, she lectured on war
and photodocumented everyday life; in Lebanon, she taught photography
and solidarity computing.

Ifny Lachance - FreeGeek

Her uses of technology reveal a strong commitment to transparency,
accessibility and environmental accountability. Her creative
community-building approach has improved refugee protections in Japan,
increased access to technology for Iranian women, and sparked numerous
local projects and events in the Cascadian cycling community.

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Oh the places you’ll go . . .

You began your post-secondary education in CultureNet, an Associate of Arts in Culture and Technology, at Capilano University?  Now what?

Students have answered this question in a variety of ways, but we have yet to have a CultureNet student transfer into one of the four-year programs housed in SFU’s School of Interactive Art and Technology . . .

This however might be about to change:  Shanna Walters, a recruiter from SIAT will be coming to Capilano on Tuesday, February 2 between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. to discuss SFU’s program and transfer opportunities for students from Capilano who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Informatics, Design or Media Arts.

The presentation will be  in Library 145.

For more information on SIAT:

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CNET Friday Seminars

VCN WebTeam

29 January 2010 | Cedar 148 at 1pm | All Welcome

Melissa L. Garcia | Project Manager/Web Designer + Developer

Melissa L. Garcia

Snapshot: Melissa Garcia started the WebTeam in 2008 after spending the last 3 years working with the Vancouver Community Network. She is originally from Venezuela with an academic background in architecture & engineering. Upon her arrival to Canada, she realized that her original education could not facilitate her survival in this country thus out of pure interest in design she picked up some additional skills in web design and development. Those skills are what drives the Webteam and all of the initiatives the WebTeam is involved in. Melissa’s main niche is working and training non-profits atusing WebGui. She also has an 8 year old daughter.

Julia Kozlov | Web Designer, Photo/Videographer, Forensic Student

Julia Kozloc

Snapshot: December 2009 was the last month for Julia at the WebTeam who was their Marketing & Public Relations specialist. Her history with VCN goes back three years  and her experience with web and graphic design roots all the way to when she was 11 years old, bored and curious. Now Julia is 20 and has realized that it is time to focus fully on academia because it sure is difficult to get a degree in Forensic Psychology. Besides attending SFU, she is also an established Vancouver photographer, martial arts enthusiast, SEO specialist, and volunteers for both the Forensic Psychology Lab at SFU and Correctional Services of Canada. In her nonexistent spare time, she also loves to make short-movies and help out at Romantic Child Studios in Gastown. Check her portfolio out at

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CultureNet Friday Seminars


Free Geek: Helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning of the 3rd millennium.  Who are they? What do they do? And why do they do it?  Learn more about FreeGeek and their mandate at this Friday afternoon guest lecture.  Guest speaker: Ifny Lachance.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 | VCN Webteam + Community Access

What is the digital divide? Who are the local players determined to assist in overcoming it? Meet Julia Kozlov and Melissa L. Garcia of the Vancouver Community Network (VCN) Webteam describe the roles and goals of the Vancouver-based VCN WebTeam.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148

FRIDAY, MARCH 12 | Libraries in the 21st Century

What is the role of the public library in the digital age? Chris Koth, Supervisor – NonFiction/Electronic Services – North Vancouver City Library, and George Villavicencio, Capilano Systems Librarian, will be weighing in with his thoughts on this topic in mid-March.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 148


An Undergraduate Journal

Production on Culture + Technology began in Fall 2009 with the students from CNET English 100.  The journal will include editorial commentaries + reviews and research articles by Capilano students.  The inaugural issue will be published in April 2010 complete with a launch party celebrating the work and accomplishments of the CNET English 100 students in getting this new journal up and running.  Come celebrate with us.  All are welcome.  Light refreshments served.

1pm | TBA

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Do we keep new secrets in the digital age? Or simply keep the old secrets using different tools? Could Web 2.0 and digital surveillance provide a frame for a wickedly sharp or perversely intense five minute play?

If secrets in any form and the opportunity to write a play under the tutelage of local playwright Tom Cone, which will be directed and performed by Capilano Theatre students, interests you keep on reading!

If checking out what last year’s student playwrights produced interests you, click through: Five Minute Plays


Twelve five minute plays | Three characters | The tension of secrets | The triangle

A Lecture by Tom Cone


Thursday, Dec 3rd
11:30 am
Capilano Performing Arts Theatre
2055 Purcell Way, N. Vancouver

The Creative Writing and Theatre Programs at Capilano University invite you to a special presentation by Vancouver playwright, librettist, lecturer and teacher Tom Cone. Tom will introduce some of the concepts and models that will inform this Spring’s Fourth Annual Five Minute Play Festival, which brings Creative Writing and Theatre students together to develop, under Cone’s guidance, a series of five-minute, three character plays.

Open to all.

*Students interested in participating in the project as writers must attend this lecture.*


About Tom Cone

Playwright, librettist, lecturer and teacher, impresario, curator and promoter of cultural hybrids, and nurturer of the avant-garde, Tom Cone is major force behind Vancouver’s experimental art, music and theatre scene. His many plays include True Mummy, Love at Last Sight, and Herringbone; adaptations of classic plays include Moliere’s The Miser and Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters; and his Librettos include The Architect for Vancouver Opera and The Gang for Vancouver New Music. Cone is also the founder of Songroom — a salon for new song collaborations–, and CABINET: Interdisciplinary Collaborations — an experimental arts collective. His latest play, Donald and Lenore, premieres this Spring as part of the 2010 Chutzpah! Festival.


For info:
Roger Farr, Creative Writing Convener
English Dept,
Capilano University

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PKP + OJS: An Introduction

NOV 20

The CNET English 100 student e-journal will be produced using the Public Knowledge Project‘s open-source software named OJS (Open Journal System).  The PKP is jointly supported by scholars, librarians, programmers and developers associated with Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Stanford University, and Arizona State University.  Local PKP member Matt Crider will be joining us for a Friday afternoon talk designed to bring the newly introduced up to speed on the world of PKP and OJS.  All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

1pm | Cedar 237

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