English 214 Responds to Ezzat

It is Week 2 of the E-Lit Forum 2009.

This week’s guest blogger is Sharif Ezzat.  The students are seated in a large circle quietly talking about Sharif’s post.

All we need is a campfire: a campfire to catapult us into our Coastal Mountains – a northern extension of the rocky spine that runs up and down the Pacific Coast – and our night sky a few hundred kilometres north of the Sierra Nevadas and San Fransisco.

The discussion is gently moving between students as they work towards a constellation of questions for Sharif:

1.        What inspired you to select the specific stories that were in “Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky”?

2.       Why did you include the stories of land and water? They appear to have no explicit connection to family as do all of your other stories?

3.       Why did the individual stories not have their own audio narration like the introduction?

4.       Do you think working in collaboration with another creator/artist helps or hinders your ability to produce E-Lit?

5.       In your post you wrote, “As with most of my commercial projects, Like Stars uses xml-formatted data, decoupling the content and the interface which, among other things, allows the number of stories to grow and the content to be modified infinitely.”  Have you ever thought about re-releasing this piece and allowing access to the programming so that the viewers could become part of the stories content?


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