Non-mechanistic and Mechanistic Perspectives of Technology

A mechanistic perspective sees technology as an isolatable object. An object that can be studied independently devoid of the people [culture] who have created and/or used the technology. Technologies are autonomous in origin and action. What technologies do or what technologies are, does not depend on relationships with anything else. This perspective sees technologies as coming out of nowhere and exerting effects on culture without any cultural assistance. Effects are inherent in the technology and the effects are inevitable. This perspective views culture as being made up of autonomous elements, elements that are independent and self-sufficient.

A non-mechanistic perspective sees technology as something tat isn’t autonomous, but is connected to the circumstance where it is developed and used. This assumes that technology isn’t an isolatable thing and that technology can come from outside the culture. It is a complex set of connections or relationships within a particular culture. The non-mechanistic perspective sees culture as a structure of connections, not unrelated components. Technologies begin as a part of these connections as an effective tool within the culture.
How do you see technology and culture? Do you have a mechanistic or non-mechanistic perspective? Do you think culture and technology are independent of each other or do you think they have some kind of connection?

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