ELC Volume 2 Available!

Aurelea Mahood



I was happy to spot this announcement when reading through my inbox awhile back!  As blog readers from the fall well know, last fall’s English 214 students worked almost exclusively with the ELC Volume 1 and we were fortunate enough to have three writers from Volume 1 work directly with us a e-guests.  Check out the results of that project in our E-LIT Forum.

ELO Announcement:

The Electronic Literature Organization announces 2 new resources of electronic literature for 2009: The Electronic Literature Collection,vol. 2, and the new Electronic Literature Directory.

1) The new Electronic Literature Directory will feature an easy-to-use interface for accessing  a robust collection of electronic literature, edited and annotated.  As more faculty begin adding electronic literature to their courses, the directory will prove an invaluable resource for accessing new and classic electronic literature.  These works have been vetted and documented by the ELO Working Group, coordinated by Lori Emerson.   The directory will feature a new design, offering visitors more ways to find the kinds of e-lit they desire while also discovering works they could not have imagined.

2) Following up on the widely distributed version 1, ELO presents Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2.   Like vol. 1, This second biannual collection will be available as a stand-alone disc (DVD) and an online collection.   The editorial collective for the second volume includes Laura Borràs Castanyer, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley and Brian Kim Stefans.

These two resources with their wide arrays of works will offer yet more answers to the question what is electronic literature? More importantly, they provide reliable, edited collections of materials and links that ensure that scholars will not end their search for new elit on a 404 error. Stay tuned to the RSS feed for ELO for more updates soon.

Mark C. Marino
Director of Communication, ELO


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