Questions to J. R Carpenter

By the English 214 Question Collective

A series of questions inspired by J.R. Carpenter’s THE CAPE: THE BACK STORY post:

1) As you stated in your “Back Story” guest blog, physical photographs possess a certain authority. As the transformative process of selecting a medium for publication moves “The Cape” from print-text to hypertext, does the message/meaning of your story change?

2) You mentioned that the Geological Guide photographs interest you more than your own family history. Do you find using fact with fiction allowed you to create a more authentic story?

3) As the work is entitled “The Cape”, the importance of place and memory – as you imply – are highlighted by the imagery in the erosion of the Maritime shorelines and how memories dissipate. This seems to create a strong sense of sublimity within your work.  Is this something you have reflected on?


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One response to “Questions to J. R Carpenter

  1. Aurelea

    A whiteboard covered with scrawl in various colours; handwriting increasingly illegible; arrows and slashes and dashes all over the place: it was a challenge to pull only three questions out of the web of ideas under examination, but with perseverance the end goal was met! I would like to offer thanks in particular to Brendan, Joseph, and Innessa who worked together to generate this question post for J.R.!

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